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I’ve been experimenting with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing’s new platform – hardback books.

Yep, authors can now consider formatting their books for hardback in addition to paperback and e-book. I have produced a hardback edition of my 2021 novel, Guardians at the Wall, and had to use the fall-back option of making a new cover as my paperback cover doesn’t fit their template. This is no hardship, as the different cover distinguishes it from the paperback edition, and looks rather good, I think. The production and print quality of the hardback books are great – go ahead and order one for yourself or buy for a friend: GUARDIANS HARDBACK

I have also fulfilled a dream I’ve had a for a couple of years – to put my five book A Light in the Dark Ages series into two hardback volumes, each of roughly 150,000 words. The first three books, Abandoned, Ambrosius: Last of the Romans, and Uther’s Destiny are fairly short in length and together total 488 pages of the 9” x 6” hardback volume. My two Arthur books, Dux Bellorum (‘Leader of Battles’) and Rex Brittonum (‘King of the Britons’) fit snuggly into volume two, totalling 492 pages. I also designed new covers, going for a simple flame design that encompasses both front and back covers:

Also… Guardians at the Wall now has a book trailer!
A friend put me onto his mate who does short trailers for music or books, and he came up with this:

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Yes, I know Halloween has gone, but the spirits of the dead still linger in these two chilling books from authors JP Reedman and Valerie Hill. A spine-tingling ghost story or supernatural thriller can be read at any time of the year, but are best suited to the darker evenings of winter as the nights draw in…

Firstly, congratulations are in order for my ex-writing group mate, Valerie Hill, who has just published her first book, A Quartet of Ghostly Tales.

Val is an Independent Author based in the UK. She was born in the town of Eton under the awesome presence of Windsor Castle. Valerie’s first book, A Quartet of Ghostly Tales, features some of the historical stories passed down through generations of villagers and staff of Windsor Castle, with a generous dose of her fiction. For over 10 years Valerie lived and worked in Sydney, Javea, Spain, Las Vegas and 15 years for British Airways at Heathrow, London Airport in the UK.

Val has collected a host of experiences in her life, they now need to be written down, instead of buzzing around in her head.

Valerie ran her own ‘Ghostly Tours’, walking Tour in Windsor for three years. Working with the Windsor Writers Group, she contributed to their self-published Windsor Tales. Her first love is writing film scripts and she has completed a Rom/Com ‘Divine Solution’, writing now a new Legal Drama Script, Only on a Tuesday.
Order your copy in paperback here:

Four Deliciously Dark Stories…
All different, but with a social conscience:

A wife forced to extremes.
A cat seeking vengeance.
A tortured soul waiting to be released.
A girl discovering her psychic powers.

If that’s not enough…

J.P. (Janet) Reedman has a dystopian fantasy novel, My Name is not Midnight, on FREE Kindle promotion until 2nd November.

She was born in Canada but has lived in the UK for nearly 30 years. Her interests include folklore & anthropology, prehistoric archaeology (neolithic/bronze age Europe; ritual, burial & material culture), as well as The Wars of the Roses and the rest of the medieval era.

My Name Is Not Midnight is a dystopian apocalyptic fantasy set in an alternate 70’s Canada! On Oct. 31, Hallowmas Eve, Esmerelda Midnight seeks the Isle of the Dead to find the Tree of Life and recover the Rose of the World.

But the evil Sestren are in hot pursuit, eager to end the world with the ‘Great Sacrifice.’

Download your kindle book here: