June 2021
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Guardians at the Wall Book Launch
June 1st saw the official launch date for my new novel, Guardians at the Wall – although some of you may have noted that it went ‘live’ on Amazon ten days earlier. Why wait when its success or failure hangs on the number of good reviews it accrues? Please help Noah and Gaius gain the readership they yearn for by putting up a customer review on Amazon and/or a review on Goodreads. Thanks!

90,000-word novels don’t just come together by accident. It has been nine months in the making, starting with my late-September two-day visit to Hadrian’s Wall where the ideas and inspiration infused my brain. Then plotting and a winter of writing, ably assisted by my enthusiastic critique partner, Linda Oliver. I discussed my approach and sent chapters for her feedback. Also, she’s the perfect grammar policewoman – thanks Linda!

A book cover concept was roughed-up and discussed with my cover designer, Cathy Walker. The section of wall across the middle of the cover is my photo of a section of the replica stone battlements at Vindolanda. The wall separates the ghostly image of a Roman centurion from curious archaeologists.
Once the draft was finished, I then gathered together a team of a dozen volunteers from Facebook groups to beta read it. Their feedback proved vital in tightening-up the plot and steering me to firmer ground with archaeological practice. Then Version Two was given a final proof-read by Linda and sent to Sinead Fitzgibbon for a copyedit. Sinead has been with me since Thames Valley Tales in 2015 and I trust her judgement implicitly. Further tweaks were made, and the final manuscript was good to go by 20th May.

What’s the book about? Well, here’s the short description:
Guardians at the Wall is a gripping dual timeline historical novel set at Hadrian’s Wall. Archaeologists uncover artefacts that connect them to the life of a Roman centurion in second century Britannia.
Currently just £1.99/$2.99/e2.69 on Kindle!
Paperback £7.99/$8.99 or read on Kindle Unlimited:

Guardians at the Wall has been awarded the International Review of Books Award by Books go Social (booksgosocial.com is a Dublin-based company that supports independent authors). Here’s what their reviewer said:
“The writing in this book is superb. I felt like I was at Hadrian’s Wall with a group of students on an artefact dig. The author’s descriptions of what was happening, what the characters felt and saw were wonderful.

I also felt like I travelled into the past where the artefact originated. These details brought the story alive. Yet, it’s more than about finding an artefact. There is a story of love and mystery as well. This creates added interest in the book. The main character has to deal with going on an important mission that could risk his future career and the hardship of theft. The author intermingles the two timelines very well providing details into a complete story that is about the people as well as the artefacts.
More than an artefact is dug up in this story. There are questions surrounding it that need to be answered. What does this find really mean? What is the story behind it? Finding the answers makes the reader eager to know what is happening and what happened long ago. Every step of this story adds more details to this well-written novel. It is full of everything you are looking for in historical fiction with some mystery and romance.”

General thoughts on the Novel: 
“This is a fascinating world throughout two timelines and two worlds found in the same place. The world has changed since the artefact had last seen the light and the writer did well relaying the two timelines. The design of the book is good throughout. The idea of this story is interesting with enough details to keep track of each timeline.”

This month’s guest author is Colin Garrow.
Colin grew up in a former mining town in Northumberland. He has worked in a plethora of professions including taxi driver, antiques dealer, drama facilitator, theatre director and fish processor, and has occasionally masqueraded as a pirate. All Colin’s books are available as eBooks and most are also out in paperback, too.

His short stories have appeared in several literary mags, including: SN Review, Flash Fiction Magazine, Word Bohemia, Every Day Fiction, The Grind, A3 Review, 1,000 Words, Inkapture and Scribble Magazine.

He currently lives in a humble cottage in North East Scotland where he writes novels, stories, poems and the occasional song. Colin’s latest book is an historical horror novella, Black Witch Moon.

Tyburn, 1625. A young woman hanged as a witch. A doctor plagued by nightmares.

Wracked by guilt, Robert Winter struggles with the notion that a witch may have been wrongly accused. But if that is so, what can he do about it?
When strange things begin to happen, Winter’s understanding of good and evil are put to the test. Compelled to choose one or the other, he soon learns that taking sides is the least of his problems…
In this horror series set in London, the novella Black Witch Moon is book #1 in the Black Witch Saga.

Currently just 99p on Kindle!

Tim Walker’s review of Black Witch Moon:

This historical suspense/horror novella was an enjoyable read. The author brings many years of writing to his concise yet visually rich evocation of 17th century London – a time when belief in witchcraft was rife. Doctor Robert Winter is the doctor at the Bethlem asylum, and has just witnessed one of his inmates, Lizzie Pickins, hung for being a witch. This is not the end, but the beginning of a tale of intrigue as she appears to have risen from her grave to take revenge on those who testified against her. Robert becomes central to her plans, as he struggles to distinguish between reality and fearful superstition. A gripping tale full of gasps and sniggers. It bodes well for the series. Highly recommended.