A very happy and fulfilling new year to you all! I’m currently writing the fourth book in A LIGHT IN THE DARK AGES series – Arthur Dux Bellorum. The launch date for this novel is set for 1st March 2019 (if I get it finished!).

I can now reveal the book cover designed by Cathy Walker from an original picture by artist Gordon Napier (all permissions obtained).

Arthur Dux Bellorum is my telling of the King Arthur story, adhering to the style and aims of the previous three books in the series – to present a possible history of Britain’s missing years following the end of Roman occupation in 410 AD, based around scraps of researched information and supplemented with a huge dollop of imagination.

Coming out in March 2019!

Born in Gibraltar and raised on a yacht around the coasts of the Atlantic, JC Steel is an author, martial artist, and introvert… “In between the necessary making of money to allow the writing of more books, I can usually be found stowing away on a spaceship, halfway to the further galaxy.

Science-fiction and urban fantasy are my favourite genres to write in. I grew up on a rich diet of Anne McCaffrey, Tolkien, Dorothy Dunnett, and Jack Higgins, and finally started to write my own books aged fourteen. I can’t point the finger at any one book or author that set me in my current direction, but I blame my tendency to write characters who favour drastically practical solutions on some mix of those. If I can toss in a bit of gender- and genre-bending, so much the better. Status quo is boring.”

Death is for the Living

…when ‘here be monsters’ doesn’t only mark the unknown.

By day, Cristina Batista is a deck girl on a Caribbean charter yacht, with all the sun, smiles, and steel drum music that entails. By night, she and her crew hunt the monsters that prey in the dark: the powerful vampire clans of the New World.

Unfortunately Cristina’s past is hunting her in turn – and it’s catching up. Without her partner, sometime pirate, sometime lordling, and ex-vampire, Jean Vignaud, Cristina wouldn’t simply be dead. She’d be something she fears far more.

Cristina and Jean are experienced, motivated, and resourceful. One faction wants them despite it. The other wants them because of it.

Death is for the Living was released on 26-December-2018

Yes, pirates, vampires, vampire hunters and storms at sea can exist within the pages of one book — and they do it so well in Death is for the Living. It’s most highly recommended.” ~Readers’ Favorite 5 star review by Jack Magnus

I wanted to be mad at the author for the ending; how could they do this! But it was perfect! It ended the way the whole book was written, with mystique.” ~Readers’ Favorite 5 star review by Peggy Jo Wipf

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The first of our TWO new year poets is Andrew Green. Andrew recently retired after a career in Local Government, most recently with Slough and RBWM. The 66-year-old poet said when asked about his suitability to be the next Poet Laureate: “I won’t be too disappointed if they go for someone else. My poems are more for fun than to be taken seriously; affectionate but slightly irreverent.”

Begging Your Pardon is a light hearted look at what it’s like to live as a close neighbour of the royals in an imagined Windsor where locals regularly rub shoulders with the royals. It would make an ideal stocking filler for locals with a sense of humour.

Andrew has been writing for a while and won local competition for a poem about Slough that was broadcast on local radio and BBC radio four. He has begun to write more regularly two to three years ago and has built a following on Wattpad where two of his collections were featured and have amassed over 100,000 reads between them. His first published book was Margaret’s Story, a verse biography about his mother published earlier this year.

Andrew Green’s new book, Begging Your Pardon – Please Can I Be Laureate? is a humorous collection of royal poems pushing the merits of a local Laureate who could pop round to the Castle with a poem whenever the occasion demands it. The current Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy will shortly be standing down at the end of her ten-year stint a new Laureate is to be appointed from May 2019. Some well known poets have made clear they don’t wish to be considered, and have even suggested that the post should be abolished, but Andrew is available and willing and would aim to bring a lighter touch to the role. So why don’t they look past all the established poets who make such a fuss about it all and appoint a local poet as the next Poet Laureate?

Andrew has thrown his hat into the ring with a collection of light hearted royal and local poems first shared on Wattpad. He ‘doesn’t do pentameter’ is ‘really just an amateur’ but there should be something here to make you smile.

There is a, sadly one sided, correspondence with Her Majesty, his neighbour from up the hill, fanciful accounts of royal life such as what happens when they forget to take the flag down and encounters, one of them real, with the family themselves. There’s a poem in praise of our patron saint, Saint George, a bit of Brexit naughtiness, some fairy tale princes and princesses, some verses about the wedding and the obligatory royal wedding poem.

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A poem from the book, Dear Queen Elizabeth expresses why Andrew thinks he would be ideal for the role.

Dear Queen Elizabeth

Just a note to say

Dear Queen Elizabeth,

When next you need a Laureate,

Please consider me.

I write a lot of poetry

So how hard can it be?

In terms of productivity

You could do worse than me.

I’d mark the big occasions

And mark each special day.

Be it births, or deaths,

Or marriages; the special jubilees.

Providing something rhymes with it

You’ll be OK with me.

The better poets turn it down

Get up themselves and sniffy.

I’ll just get on and churn stuff out.

I write most every day.

Whatever you want a poem about.

Please just give me a shout.

I can easily write at Royal request

And churn another out.

I’m very, very local

I just live down the road

I could pop round to the castle

Whenever you’re next home.

Could do a proper interview

Or just come for a brew

I’m flexible so any time

Whatever works for you.

Our second new year poet is the talented stand-and-deliver Pete Cox.

“Hello, I’m Pete Cox, I have been writing for 5 years and performing spoken word for 2. I’m from Slough, England where i host an open mic night called The Innerverse. I write based on experiences, annoyances and anything and everything. I love writing and sharing it. I find freedom in it. I found even more once pushed to perform. I am writing a poem a day for a year. I had worried what I would do with with my mind, thoughts and pain poetry has been the key to freedom. I love the many different styles from each poet I hear. I believe everyone has poetry in them, it just get lost in what people believe poetry should be. I have a YouTube channel and am in the process of creating a website. You can find me here on the social media link until then.

My 2018 thank you note ❤️


2018 I want to thank you for the gifts you did bring

Firstly thanks for letting me live in the living ring

You began by gifting me foreign lands

Where I felt the break in my hurried plans

So you carried me with your many helping hands

Felt the strain of creative fears

You replaced them with listening ears

I couldn’t walk

So you gave me stages

I lost friends to fair weather flyers

So you gave me storm survivors

When I felt wrong

You said it was alright

That others have the same plight

So we opened mics

When the whereabouts of a venue got me thinking?

You sent in The Herschels King

When feelings dropped me into the submerged

You opened up The Innerverse

When my body wouldn’t function

We crossed to Jones junction

and floated words for general consumption

When I felt love had forgot me not

You showed me my brother tying the knot

When I felt useless and absurd

You gifted me Music And Words

When I danced around the edge

You sent me No-Ledge

When I saw no way through each day

You gave me a group of brothers

with words to play

When my tailor couldn’t fit my suit

Turkish delight filled my boots

When we spoke about my body issues

You gave me an artist who loves tattoos

When I needed a vehicle

From Parris with love took care of it all

When I was unsteady to climb

You gave me Jamie’s guideline

When I thought sports time had gone

You put the ping in my pong

When I felt a rumble in the stomach business

You sent me a hairdresser who fed me crickets

When I lacked vitamin D

You gave me the hottest summer in history

When I felt lonely

You sent me a lullaby who sang me poetry

When my brain needed to be stretched

You gave me lessons in chess

When I didn’t know what was going on

You sponsored me towards comicon

When I dreamt within a dream

You gave 365 days that where lived clean

When I felt the well of grief

You gave me the diving board

and I came back

with more coins to keep

When fear wouldn’t let me go on 2 wheels

You sent me a South African

who knows how it feels

I never went hungry

You always gave me meals

So 2018 thanks for the sweet feels

You gave me great cards during blind deals

You the people

The year is you

The cards in the deck

The hands I’ve not reached yet

You got me through

Each and everyone of you

I couldn’t be me without all of you

So 2018 I adore you