This is the website of British independent author, Tim Walker. He currently has eight titles available in e-book and print-on-demand paperback formats from Amazon Kindle and other online stores. Genres covered:-

  • Children’s
  • Short Stories
  • Thriller/dystopian novel
  • Historical Fiction


The paperback , Kindle and other e-books were successfully launched in mid-September.

Summer holidays are great for spending time with family and friends. This summer, my daughter Cathy and I have written a new Charly Holmes adventure story. The main plot idea has come from 14-year-old Cathy who’s current love is superhero movies. In our story, Charlotte (Charly) Holmes wins a competition to go on a family holiday to Los Angeles and take the Universal Studios tour, yippee! Whilst on the tour they watch a scene from a new superheroes movie being filmed. When a child actor is taken ill, Charly is invited to take her place. During rehearsals with four superhero actors, an earthquake shakes the ground and they find themselves involved in a real life disaster! Published in e-book and paperback on Amazon and other platforms on 19th September.


This three-book series presents an imagined history of life in Britannia in the Fifth Century in the years after the Roman departure in 410 AD. This is the Dark Ages, a time of myths and legends that builds to the greatest legend of all – King Arthur. The series is now complete, following the re-launch of Abandoned as an extended second edition in July 2018.

Abandoned – Book one in the series, starts in Britain in 410 AD – the final year of Roman occupation of their most northerly province. Christian bishop, Guithelin, guided by visions, undertakes a perilous journey to a neighbouring land to plead with a noble prince to come and save his ailing country. An epic adventure ensues involving the rivalry of local chiefs and the efforts of a determined group to instil order. Elsewhere, Marcus Pendragon, a half-Roman auxiliary cavalry commander left behind after the Roman evacuation, organises the defence of his town, Calleva, from a Saxon army. The abandonment of Britannia by the Romans was a time of opportunity for some, and great anguish and suffering for others as the island underwent a slow and painful adjustment to self-rule. Now also available here on i-books (Apple); Kobo; Nook (Barnes & Noble) and others.

Ambrosius: Last of the Romans – Book two in the series, starts with the return to Britannia in 440 AD of Ambrosius Aurelianus, son of murdered King Constantine. He has come to avenge his father’s death at the hands of cruel tyrant, Vortigern, who has seized control of the island and employ Saxons in his mercenary army. But who is the master and who the puppet? Ambrosius finds that the influence of Rome is fast becoming a distant memory as Britannia reverts to its Celtic tribal roots, and rivalries surface as chiefs choose their side in an ensuing civil war.

Uther’s Destiny – Book three in the series. In the year 467 AD Britannia is in shock at the murder of charismatic High King, Ambrosius Aurelianus, and looks to his brother and successor, Uther, to continue his work in leading the resistance to barbarian invaders. Uther’s destiny as a warrior king seems set until his world is turned on its head when his burning desire to possess the beautiful Ygerne leads to conflict. Could the fate of his kingdom hang in the balance as a consequence?

Court healer and schemer, Merlyn, sees an opportunity in Uther’s lustful obsession to fulfill the prophetic visions that guide him and must use his wisdom and guile to thwart the machinations of an enemy intent on foiling his plans. Meanwhile, Saxon chiefs Octa and Ælla have their own plans for seizing the island of Britannia and forging a new colony of Germanic tribes. Can Uther rise above his family problems and raise an army to oppose them? Will the prophecy of a youthful and charismatic king who will unite the people and defeat the invaders come true?

Devil Gate Dawn – a near-future dystopian thriller set in 2026, predicting turbulent life in post-Brexit Britain and Trump America. Retired railwayman George is the unlikely hero of this tense thriller in which he forms a vigilante group who try to solve a deadly terrorist cyber plot, and is unwittingly drawn into a daring rescue attempt for kidnapped Head of Government, King Charles III. Also on i-books (Apple); Kobo; Nook (Barnes & Noble) and other stores here.

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Postcards from London – The city of London is the star of this collection of fifteen engaging human dramas. London’s long and complex history almost defies imagination, but the author has conjured citizens from many familiar eras, and some yet to be imagined. Turn over these picture postcards to explore his city through a collage of human dramas told in a range of genres. See the tumult of these imagined lives spotlighted at moments in London’s past, present and, who knows, perhaps its future. Published in September 2017. Also available on i-books (Apple); Kobo; Nook (Barnes & Noble) and others here.

Thames Valley Tales – 15 contemporary short stories, set along the River Thames, that draw on the rich history and folklore of the flowing heart of England. First published in 2015, updated in 2017. Also available on Kobo, Nook (Barnes & Noble) and others here.

The Adventures of Charly Holmes – Follow the adventures of a curious 12-year-old schoolgirl, as she uncovers an alien dogs’ conspiracy, investigates the legend of the Loch Ness Monster and goes on an eventful trip to London Zoo. For children aged 9+ and parents. Co-written by Tim Walker and his daughter, Cathy.

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