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My Stories in Other Books

Some of my stories have been included in anthologies with stories by other authors. Click on the book titles below to go to the Amazon book page:-


Cupid’s Arrow

The Holiday Heartwarmer’s team have produced this collection of spicy short stories on the age-old theme, love and romance. ┬áMy contribution is a humorous dystopian romp called ‘Valentine’s Day’. The collection of stories in this book come from authors around the globe. They explore the different forms of love that all beings find in their hearts. While the stories in this volume tell the tale of romantic love, the part that sex plays in love, and the struggle to find love in a confusing world, irrespective of the shape of the emotion or even the way that it comes into our lives, love touches the very centre of our being. Love found, love lost, perhaps to be found again.


Holiday Heartwarmers

holiday-heartwarmers-coverImmerse yourself in this eclectic collection of short stories featuring authors from around the world. Travel to different places with them as they enjoy an unexpected journey back home to reunite with family and take a chartered flight to the North Pole. Shiver with the cold and anxiety as their loved ones get stranded in a snow storm in Alaska or share the amazement of gazing at the spectacular views during a hike to Machu Picchu. Explore the Indian subcontinent by train, share an unforgettable vacation in Cyprus or venture into Afghanistan in the midst of war.

Holidays are a time of sharing and can take many forms. These stories explore the issues of family dynamics, reflections on life, and finding the true meaning of love and acceptance. They also show that sometimes, it is just as important to let go of old feelings and old memories.

This collection of short stories is sure to warm your heart and light the spirit of Christmas.


Echoes of Liberty

echoes_front_cover1From the starlet Marilyn Monroe to the privateer Red Feather; from the Normandy Invasion of 12th century Ireland to a secret bunker in WWII Berlin; from a new hope for peace on the American frontier to a last hope for liberty in ancient Athens; Echoes of Liberty presents 16 stories of liberty from our past, or the past that might have been.



Britain Turns to Crime

britain-turns-to-crime-collectionTake a trip through British crime, with eight great independent crime writers. From cosy to gritty, country house to council estate and Victorian Bradford to near-future London, there’s something for everyone. (UK link only)





Fresh Ink: New Light

fresh-ink-amazon-largeA collection of hard-hitting short stories from new writers with fresh ideas. From the funny to the horrific, each story delivers on our promise to stimulate and entertain the reader. Contributing authors come from around the world and bring fresh local perspective and angles to their characters. (UK link only)